Giving to Divine Gratitude Portrait Movement ensures that we have the resources necessary to reach any community and share their journey with the world! Additionally, funds will help to cover portable film equipment, artist compensation, and supplies for free community drawing workshops!

Sign up for a reoccurring donation to ensure that this great series continues at and follow our giving journey at Thank you and stay tuned! ♥ ♥ ♥

Also, it ain't all about the paper. Here are other things we can utilize if you have the resources or connections. Email Liz at for material givings. 

- Art supplies (canvas, paper, paint, brushes, etc)
- A reliable vehicle with good gas mileage to reach domestic destinations (SUV, van, or truck)
- Swimming lessons
- Self-defense or mixed martial art lessons.
- Langage lessons (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Korean.)
- Portable video, sound, or photo equipment.

That's all, thank you!